Thursday, May 13, 2010

Arena Progress - 13/5

A lot of new posts during the first two days of my blog. I hope you like blogs where the author actually writes a lot of stuff.

As you might expect, this post is about my progress in arena with my friend Anders. Two nights ago, we had our first 30 games and I think we both enojoyed it! I must say though, we were clueless like hell. You might think that after farming 600k honor at least you learned something, but this was taking all those things you read to a test.

To start with, we had 12 games and then took a break. After I had called my girlfriend and tried to use my myself as a lightbulb (don't put your finger into a lightbulb connector, it hurts, you are not a lightbulb) we played another 18 games before bedtime. We scored 15-15 this night, and I must say that is good enough for me the first night of playing. So happily we went to bed.
Also, if you're wondering, I've never played a Warlock before and Anders have never played a druid before. We're not pro by any means.

Our next few games will be when Anders comes home from his summerplace (hopefully on Saturday). I hope we'll score some more wins and be on our way to get the last two Wrathful off-sets.

That's all about our progress so far. Affliction/Resto moving upwards in the ladder, aiming for the top.

Armory Links:

Logia (me):
Akai (Anders):


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  2. "you are not a lightbulb"

    Good Advice when it comes to PVP'ing/ Arenaing

    :) Mr. Stoneskin

  3. lol why on earth did you stick your finger there??? =o

    I tried arena once too long ago, i did like one or two practice matches and got practically one shotted every time. Honestly, I'm totally clueless in PVP