Thursday, May 13, 2010

GS + Achieve

Most of you people are probably familiar with this type of question. Before I start, this is not a whine about the GS addon itself since I recognize it's not the addon which is the problem, it's the people using it. I'll tell you a story about a person on my realm. This happened 10 minutes ago so it's all fresh in my mind.

I've just finished my Daily BG for the arena points when I get a whisper from a some-what friend of mine. He asks me if I want to go VoA 10 and since I haven't this week I say "Yeah sure". He tells me to whisper his IRL friend and I do. I ask him for an invite and said that his friend wanted me in. The reply I get is, suprise, suprise, GS + Achieve or no invite. I thoroughly explained in the whisper before that his friend refered me to him so I was quite shocked anyway. Now, I have the achieve and the gear to do VoA 10. I wont do the best DPS of all since I'm in PvP gear, but any green-geared scrub can do it. So I tell him my GS and that it is mostly PvP gear and then I tell him "I'll just DPS the Ice Orbs and DPS the boss". Now this is the fun part. Next whisper is "Achieve or I don't want you noob". I thought Achieve was to check that people know tactics, right? Since when did Achievements turn into this gold medal that says "I can do boss lol,k?". I kindly tell him that I don't have the achieve but I do know the tactics and explained them once again. Now, this time he gives an even worse answer and says something along the lines of "Stupid, I don't want you in my group, k?".

After all that I tell my friend what his friend said and that I was not intrested anymore.

The moral of this story is that some people have just learned this GS + Achieve thingy that's going on without knowing why they ask for it. I seriously believe that this person never understood the concept of why you are supposed to have the achieve. Well, if you readers got any thoughts about the subject, please comment. Also, if there is a subject you would like me to discuss simply say so in the comments!

/Samuel, Author of the Nerf this! blog.


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  4. The GS addon itself gets on my nerves because it's the most highly inaccurate load of crap ever. If I want to check out GS I go over to and I can easily see what's going on their gear with a quick glance at enchants, gems, stats etc.

    I have been known to request a minimum GS for many pug groups to weed out the people in greens looking to bum a ride and get some tier 10. However, I refuse to ask for achieves since we all start somewhere, we could have mains or alts that have it instead and we could have been dragged through dieing every two minutes and still got the achi for everyone else's hard work. So achieves don't mean anything to me really.

    With VOA runs I have a solid ethos, don't do weekend runs, too many idiots running around trying to own the show and if you want a raid done properly, lead it yourself and don't take any crap lol. If someone isn't doing the DPS, HPS, eHPS, Orb DPS or whatever the hell in VOA i give them one warning than remove them. I tell everyone from the get go before we go in that's what im gonna do and no one has any fuss over it. No one gets saved and ditched naturally, we all push on and weed out any bums first and foremost. I also don't take bad attitudes :P

    As a member of a raid and not a RL, I have often left the raid in the past because the raid leader is a total dick, doesn't have the achieve himself when hes demanding it of others or has green gear on and asking a run through of icecrown. Sometimes you just have to say no. :)

  5. As I pointed out in my blog:

    I was a raider at MC back when the most you could 'raid' was UBRS, and even then unless it was a guild run, things would fall apart too easily. I've always approached those who PuGed raids with a caution - that is, until Wrath.

    Wrath had made raiding more streamlined, true, but still the point exists that those are raid instances meant for an organised guild to clear through. I used to demand achievements and epic when those were applicable, now GS has replaced it.

    When I make a raid, it has nothing to do with me being a benevolent, loving person, wanting to hold someone's hand to give him a ride. I want it formed with people who've cleared it before. I take risks organising a PuG already and with the lack of attunements or such preemptive ways for raid leaders to check the invites (And Armorying everyone for all your VoA runs get a little too boring after a while), GS and Ach is the best we have.

    I always say people who have a problem with the GS to find a guild who's running these raids, as Guilds worry less about GS or achievement if you can impress them with your persona. And if a person fails to find such a guild, well... There's few reasons for trade chat puggers to help out people at the expanse of potential wipes and a disband. Better be safe than sorry.

  6. @DKS I have to agree with you on that. :) Making a PuG involves a certain amount of risk, that's why I don't take any shit in PuGs to begin with. I'm not the kind of person who will do all the work to boost some nab thorugh. Sorry guys!