Thursday, July 1, 2010

It's been a long time

Lately, I haven't been writing a single post here on the blog. Why? Because I haven't fel like doing it and thus I haven't. Though, now, I feel the need of expressing myself once again, and when is a better time than now? With the Cataclysm beta knocking at our doors and the NDA has been lifted I can now start expressing my opinions about the oncoming World of Warcraft expansion.

So, what's new? If you don't know a single thing about the expansion yet, I suggest you should visit both the official Cataclysm website: (or if you're american) and also visit the frontpage on

Today I woke up when my girlfriend arrived at my place and wondered why I still slept, which is a legit question really since I had already slept through twelve hours. After my waking was sorted she told me she wanted to watch a trailer for a swedish movie (which looks awesome by the way) and after that I told her I just wanted to check the MMO-C news. SMACK, BANG in the middle of my face: "Cataclysm Closed Beta - NDA Lift". Expressing how I feel when I'm given this amount of delicious information is hard, but it's something along the lines of an angels choir decending and singing to me the most awesome song in the world. (No I'm not religious). Well, I started devouring all the information that was thrown at me and I felt the sudden urge to start blogging again, so I did!

Regarding the changes, the one that I'm the most interested in is all the new world maps. These are a good way of giving you an overview of zone changes and what it could mean to the game itself. Such things as lore, quest progression etc.
As I inspected the "Burning Steppes" map I noticed a path stretching east of the one going to Redridge, which appeared to be a path stretching all the way from Burning Steppes, through Redridge and into the alliance part of the remade Swamps of Sorrows. Interestingly enough this has been done to several other zones, easying travelling and making more exciting paths through the game. Though mostly low level players since most level 80+ will probably just mount their epic flying mount and fly above all these magnificent changes. I, myself, will probably fly low to check out all of these new exciting pathways and shortcuts through the "old" world.

Another change I would like to discuss is also a part of the change world maps. You can notice in some of the starter zones (I looked at Mulgore) you can see that Deathwing has made an impression. I really enjoy watching how blizzard are integrating the updated storyline into the game already at earlier levels. If you're concerned about this in any way, don't be. This is blizzard taking a step in the right direction. It brings new people more into the storyline and makes the low level experience more involving.

That's about it for now, I might put up another post tomorrow regarding the other changes. Also the beta hasn't arrived in europe yet, so I'm still hoping for a key!

Have a nice day!

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